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The maintenance schedule for your Boxster or Cayman contains a list of maintenance items which should be checked, cleaned, replaced or adjusted. The maintenance schedule which you choose will be dependent on a number of factors, usually time and mileage, however you should also take into account the conditions in which the car is used and kept in.

If the car is driven in winter when the roads are salted, this will accelerate corrosion, not only to the body shell, but also to the suspension components and drive train.

A good maintenance schedule will protect these components ensuring the last as long as possible. The use of corrosive chemicals which are found in cleaning fluids can cause damage to components. It is therefore important that if you wish your care to continue to perform in the way it was designed, that you choose the right amount of maintenance.

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Service Intervals for Porsche Boxster, BoxsterS, Cayman and CaymanS

Model Year (MY) Minor Mainenance Intermediate mainenance 1 Minor Mainenance 1 (only 2008)1 Minor Mainenance 1 (only 2008)1 Major maintenance Maintenance1 Annual maintenance2 Engine oil and oil filter Spark plugs Air filter Brake fluid Coolant
2009-2010 30,000 or 2 years 60,000 or 4 years 15,000 or 1 year 60,000 or 4 years 60,000 or 4 years 3 years 3 years
2008 20,000 or 1 year 40,000 or 2 years 60,000 or 3 years 20,000 or 1 year 60,000 or 4 years 60,000 or 3 years 3 years 3 years
2005-2007 30,000 or 2 years 60,000 or 4 years 30,000 or 2 years 90,000 or 4 years 60,000 or 4 years 3 years 3 years
2001-2004 20,000 or 2 years 40,000 or 4 years less than 15,000 per year only until 2003 20,000 or 2 years 80,000 or 4 years 40,000 or 4 years 2 years 3 years

1 Renamed in 2009 by Porsche from major and minor mantenance to intermediate mantenance and maintainance

2 For vehicles with annual mileages of less than 9000 miles, annual maintenance must be carried out once year.